Meet the Board

We are very thankful for our board members. We especially appreciate all the hard work and investment that they put into the school both financially and spiritually.

Tim Nashif

Tim Nashif is currently the CEO of Gateway Communications Inc. and the Hoffman Research Group located in Portland, Oregon.  Gateway Communications specializes in Printing, Direct mail, Direct Mail Marketing, Corporate and Political Research and Tele-Communication Services.

Tim is an Ordained Minister with Mannahouse Church (formally City Bible Church) in Portland Oregon. Mannahouse Church is a church of 5000 under the leadership of Derrill and Michal Corbin. He serves as part of the Pastoral Leadership Team.

Tim has also been the Political Director of the Oregon Family Council for over 20 years. The Oregon Family Council is a Christian Service Organization that provides registration, voter information and education to Churches and Christians throughout the state of Oregon.  Tim was one of the key leaders and strategists in the Defense of Marriage Coalition, the committee that passed a 2004 Constitutional Amendment protecting marriage in Oregon.

Tim and his wife Valerie have been married for 35 years and have three children.

David Chown

David Chown is the president and owner of Chown Hardware, a 130 year old Portland family business. He is a graduate of Stanford University and Portland Bible College. David and his wife Judy have attended Mannahouse Church for over 30 years and are the proud parents of three sons. Their two older sons are graduates of Mannahouse Christian Academy.

David has a passion for Christian education and for Mannahouse Christian Academy in particular because of his desire to see young people receive a first-class education built on knowing and loving Jesus Christ personally within the context of a solid Biblical worldview.

Marc Estes

Marc and his wife Susan serve as lead Pastors at Mannahouse Church (formally City Bible Church) in Portland, Oregon.  Also Marc is President of Portland Bible College and President of the Mannahouse Global Movement.

Marc is sought after for his casual, humorous approach and deeply convicting insight. He is frequently invited to speak at local churches around the nation and world as well as at leadership and youth conferences at home and abroad.

Over the years, Marc has written a variety of church resources and training materials, as well as an award-winning book, Jesus Today, released in 2000. His latest book, What Now, which is an epic discovery of becoming “the you you were meant to be.” was released in the summer, 2006.

Marc enjoys having large crowds at his home. It’s not unusual for a group of guys to gather in his living room to watch a great sports game, while consuming large bowls of popcorn.

Marc and Susan live in Happy Valley, Oregon, and have two grown daughters, two sons, and three grandsons, and one granddaughter.

Robert Jameson

Robert is the Executive Pastor for Mannahouse and he, along with his wife,
Donna, attend the Downtown Campus. They have been part of the church since 1980 have been involved in several pastoral and administrative roles. He is a graduate of Portland Bible College where Donna and he met and fell in love. They have four
grown, married children and are blessed with two granddaughters.  They love the Pacific Northwest, Jesus and people. Robert and Donna enjoy opening their home and spending time with friends and family.

Steve Scheidler

As a youth, I attended a local Christian elementary school which closed the end of my 7th grade year due to lack of support from the local churches in the area that had been responsible for its covering and vision. Therefore, I spent my 8th-12th grade years in a public school.

I credit much of my foundational Christian principles to the years spent in Christian school and have fond memories of that experience. My siblings all went there and my family was always involved in the school activities. The school was like an extended family. Unfortunately, my local church had no vision for the school and was in a large part responsible for its demise. I believe that the church ultimately suffered because all of the young people (myself included) left the church, and many also left the Lord (myself included).

I was first introduced to Temple Christian (now Mannahouse Church) by my brother Bill who was an Elder at Bible Temple and had all of his 3 children in the school. My parents were still committed to Christian education and helped financially, as they were able, to make sure all of their grandchildren were given the opportunity to go to a Christian School.

My wife, Becky, and I got saved and started attending CBC (then Bible Temple) in 1980. When our 3 kids were old enough, there was never a question as to where they would attend school, Mannahouse Christian Acaedmey (formerly City Christian Schools).

Having seen first hand how the lack of financial support can doom a Christian school, my wife and I were determined that we would do all we could to help sustain the school.

Although we no longer have children in the school, our heart for Christian education has not changed. We are committed to help financially. Being able to serve on the board and contribute in that capacity, as well as financially, has been a great facility for us.

Miriam Trolese

Miriam has been on staff at Mannahouse since 2000 when she came to PBC from El Salvador. In 2002 she married Ben Trolese and their two greatest disciples and joys are David and Marissa, their two children, both of whom have been at CCS (MCA) since preschool. Miriam has been a pastor at Mannahouse for the last 15 years and an elder since 2017. She has traveled in the US and different countries to speak at women’s events. She is passionate to raise leaders to their full potential while building the local church.

Mike White

Michael White is President and co-owner of Gateway Communications Inc,in Portland, Oregon. Founded 1990, Gateway Communications provides marketing, printing, design and mail services to a number of Northwest corporations and non-profit organizations. White is also the Executive Director of the Oregon Family Council, an organization dedicated to helping Christian voters participate more effectively in voting and civic duties. The Oregon Family Council publishes the Christian Voter’s Guide which is distributed in over 1,800 Oregon Churches.

As a graduate of Portland Bible College and part-time instructor, White understands the importance and value of a quality Christian education. His two daughters have attended City Christian School (MCA) since first grade and he and his wife Willa have seen the remarkable fruit in their lives as a result. Mike and Willa have been married for 29 years and have three children. They serve as District Pastors at Mannahouse Church and Mike is an ordained Elder.

The Bible admonishes parents in Ephesians 6:4 to raise their children in the discipline and instruction of the Lord. Most of this scriptural admonition should be fulfilled in the home. But in a world where competing values and philosophies are in direct conflict with the Christian faith, it is a great comfort to have an option like Mannahouse Christian Academy to reinforce the Christian values and worldview that are essential to successful Christian living.

Why MCA?

What Others Are Saying About MCA!

Positive and Uplifting

I really like that the atmosphere is positive and uplifting and that there is a positive peer pressure.

One On One Time

I am thankful for the size of the school, because of the one on one time with the teachers.  At this school the teachers have time to help you out and they even know your name and care about you.
Student For 8 Years

Safe and Secure

I love dropping them off everyday into the atmosphere and culture at Mannahouse Christian Academy.  I do not worry about them like I did at the public schools.  I know they are being attended to and that they are safe and secure.
Parent – Barbara

Rewarded for Diligence

My kids are challenged and stretched by the academic standards… they are rewarded for diligence and working hard…My children are genuinely happy and they look forward to going to school every day!
Parent – Jacob

Reinforce the Values

As a parent I appreciate that Mannahouse Christian Academy teachers have helped to reinforce the values our kids have been taught at home.
Parent – Shirlee

Wealth of Knowledge

My eldest child has gone on to college with a wealth of knowledge, which has allowed her to receive an academic scholarship.
Parent – Luann

Great Friendships

Mannahouse Christian Academy has contributed greatly to our son’s education, his spiritual growth and the ability to take part in music as well as forming so many great friendships.
Senior Parents

Huge Progress!

My son has made huge progress during the last year.  In his character he has learned so much…. He wouldn’t have progressed as far as he has without the love, support, and mentoring he has received from the staff.
Parent Casey

Generation of Leaders

Mannahouse Christian Academy is not only academically able to raise up the next generation of leaders, but also spiritually able to show a role model of Christ through the lives of the teachers and the staff.
Parent – Keith

Day Starts With Prayer

We love the fact that our children start the day with prayer and the fact that they are involved in chapel.  We can see a difference from the public school environment.
Parent – Susan

Most Profitable Investment

Over the last several years, my most profitable investment has been in Mannahouse Christian Academy. The benefits gained are immeasurable from a school that speaks, guides and teaches with the same foundation as our home.
– Alumni Parent


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