City Christian Schools Is Becoming Mannahouse Christian Academy | Mannahouse Christian Academy

Happy Fall! What an exciting time of year! It truly is the season of change and
transition. We’ve had a fabulous start to our school year and feel sincerely blessed. As we move
towards our 45th anniversary in September 2019, we are reminded of God’s faithfulness. Over
the last decade in particular, we‘ve experienced significant expansion and program
development within our school. For example in 2008, our enrollment was 225 students. Now in
2018, we are starting this school year with 635 students in two locations (NE Portland & Vancouver). It really has been an
amazing journey witnessing God’s provision year by year.

Throughout this time of growth, we have come to fully realize that our primary purpose is to be
an educational and spiritual resource, not only for our local community, but also for the world.
Our vision has always been to “Produce Godly Citizens to be a Transforming Influence in the
World”. Our name, City Christian Schools, indicates that we are a local resource for the
community. We love our community, our diversity, and our place of service here in the metro
area. However, as our vision states, we also strongly feel that our broader educational purpose
is to prepare students to be successful within a global context.

We’ve had this local and global vision for many years, but what’s interesting, is that our name
has only brought attention to the local aspect of our purpose . . . the “City”. As a ministry of a
church that shares this same local and global vision, we have collectively decided to align and
further connect our name to this vision. Our purpose is to be a “Christ-centered” educational
resource, preparing young people to make both a local and global impact. With this renewed
connection, we have renamed our school to:

Mannahouse Christian Academy

We are making this announcement today, however we will not be officially changing our name
until next school year (September 2019). You will see the new name reflected in our 2019-2020
school year preparations.

The following framework will provide some additional explanation and context:
1. Since February 2018, City Bible Church has gone on a journey to discover and clarify
their unique story. This has led them to change the name of the church to Mannahouse.
This change claims their unique purpose and identity for the years to come.
2. Mannahouse Christian Academy’s vision is to produce local and global-minded Christ
centered citizens, prepared to be a transforming influence in the world. Mannahouse
Christian Academy provides the resources of a rigorous and “Christ centered” education.
Our new school name will now reflect what we have always done. We provide
educational and spiritual resources for students and families, preparing young people for
college, their career, and being contributing leaders in both their community and world.
3. “Manna” is provision. God’s provision over the past 45 years has been both natural and
spiritual. God has provided the financial provision, facilities, and teachers we have
needed to sustain our growth. Additionally, we have witnessed seasons of significant
spiritual breakthrough with God’s amazing grace being clearly evident in the lives of our
students and staff.
4. The word “House” suggests stability and strength. Our goals for all students attending
Mannahouse Christian Academy include being spiritually mature, emotionally stable, and
understanding their purpose. We develop “whole person” health by paying special
attention to the emotional and spiritual wellbeing of our students and staff. Our house, is
a “safe-house”, where students will grow academically, emotionally, and spiritually.
5. The word “Academy” suggests focused development and preparation. If we consider all
of our program development and growth, both academically and spiritually, we believe
our educational model represents the characteristics of an “Academy” and not just a
school. Our academy provides real preparation for this generation to be “transforming
influences in the world.”

Thank you again for your continued support. It’s a joy to serve as your principal. Click the link below for more information.

Blessings to you all.
Lynden Evans
City Christian Schools
Mannahouse Christian Academy