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Our school offers elementary grades kindergarten through the fifth grade. We provide a rigorous academic experience and curriculum in core subjects preparing students for middle school and beyond. Our faculty and administration’s goal is to provide a Christ-centered, safe and fun atmosphere for each child to learn. Students are encouraged to try new things in support of their development of their God-given gifts and talents.

Students receive a wide selection of elective classes including art, music, computer, library, and physical education. Students also receive weekly chapel services, where their Christian character and faith in God are strengthened and encouraged.

Students receive recognition for development progress in a variety of ways such as, but not limited to, privilege tickets, ribbons, class parties and activities.

Our Christ-centered approach to education is also demonstrated in how teachers engage with their students. Our teachers and staff are regularly praying for the students and their interactions reflect Christ’s love for them. Their ability to connect with students has been an instrumental role in leading students to a personal relationship with Christ.

Success in today’s world and marketplace requires increased proficiency with the digital world. That’s why through all grade levels, we make technology a regular part of the academic process.

Beginning in elementary grades, students have a structured computer class, which helps them develop skills with keyboarding, word processing, safe computing, Internet research, simple graphic design, an introduction to Microsoft Office Suite, Google Applications and basic computer programming.

As students transition to middle and high school, they have access to Google Education Suite web based applications. This allows them to learn in a collaborative work environment where they can be creative and share their ideas.

The technology skills students develop are designed to prepare them for success and help lay a foundation for a variety of career interests such as business, database management, illustration, photography, media design, website design, networking, game creation, video editing, and others.

The elementary visual arts classroom consists of grades kindergarten through 5th grade. Its primary objectives include an enriched and encouraging learning environment along with a challenging and relevant curriculum. These objectives work to bring each student in every grade to their fullest artistic potential.

Each grade and student is encouraged to use their imagination and creativity on a different level. Students participate in creating crafts, drawings, paintings, and three dimensional projects, every year building upon what they learned the previous year.

MCA students are encouraged to develop musical skills for ministry, enjoyment, and brain development. Strings, band instruments, and piano lessons are offered.

In addition, students participate in vocal class, which teaches concepts such as rhythm, pitch, form, style, musical terminology, and performance skills. A variety of songs are learned from inspirational gospel to classical music, and songs are sometimes sung in foreign
languages. Many selections have motions or sign language added to them, while other selections have harmony.

Every class begins with a worship or praise song to convey the message that blessing God, the creator of music, is our number one priority!

Elementary Worship Team is offered after school once a week. This team is responsible for leading worship for elementary chapel services. Students learn how to enter into God’s presence and lead others to do the same. We work together to choose the set list, perfect our vocal technique, build our relationship with the Lord, and strive to transfer the passion for worshiping God to our peers.

Athletics is an important part of the MCA experience. We view competition as an excellent opportunity to build Christian character into an individual.

Organized athletics enhances character development and maturity. As a result, our students are taught by their coaches to honor God with a Christian attitude, attain discipline through consistent practice, develop leadership, and work together as a team.

MCA is a member of the OSAA and participates against both private and public schools at the 2A level. Visit our sports portal for current athletic offerings.

MCA students are introduced to physical activity and aerobic exercise in a fun learning environment. Students are taught different motor skills and movement patterns through basic skills, activities, sports, and games. The students are encouraged to work as a team and learn how to respectfully motivate each other. They are also given the steps to live a strong and healthy life.

At MCA, our goal is to partner with parents to equip their student for life achievement through academic preparation, character development,spiritual maturity, and a broad exposure to life and vocational opportunities in a supportive Christian environment. We believe that every stage of a child’s life is just as important as the next.

Upon completion of elementary school, students can continue their MCA education through our middle school and high school. Both schools maintain the same commitment to academic excellence and spiritual development in a fun, wholesome, and supportive environment.


Mannahouse Christian Academy – Elementary


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