Athletics is an important part of the Mannahouse Christian Academy experience. We believe organized athletics can offer students a unique opportunity to develop essential life skills such as teamwork, sportsmanship, discipline, respect for rules and authority, dealing with both success and disappointment, and the proper role of competition, all in a fun, controlled and encouraging environment.

MCA is a member of the OSAA and participates against both private and public schools at the 1A level. Go to our sports portal here to see what sports we are currently offering.

Our coaching staff places athlete safety and character development foremost among the skills to be taught and displayed in athletic competition. Additionally, coaches provide well-organized practices, which focus on fundamentals, and camps for those desiring additional skill development.

As a result, Mannahouse Christian Academy teams have earned the prestigious Sportsmanship Award on many occasions and have enjoyed success at both the district and statewide levels.


All high school students participate in physical education. Students are exposed to both health and fitness theory and a broad cross-section of sport and fitness activities. Our goal is to lay a foundation where students make physical health, strength, and activity a part of their adult lifestyle.

For students desiring to persue strength and fitness at the highest levels, our campus features a well equipped strength and fitness center. All Mannahouse P.E. classes and electives are taught in a supervised environment be qualified teachers.