International Tuition Information

MCA Tuition & Fees

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MCA the right choice for your child!

Mannahouse Christian Academy education is a valuable investment into your child’s future. It is our desire to provide outstanding education and Christ-centered spiritual development for our students and families at a reasonable cost.

Payment Of Tuition

International student contracts are pay in full by August 20th with an annual plan or can be on a semi annual (August/January). Part time students are paid in full upon enrollment.

Host Family Application

In addition to the tuition and fees if your student is requiring a host family there is a $9,000 per year charge if your student returns in summer. Partial year students will be charged $900 a month for any 1 day they are staying at a host families residence.

Additional Contract Fees & Charges

New enrollment registration fee is $300.00 for each child, non-refundable. In, addition a $100 non-refundable FACTS Enrollment Fee, also known as the Tuition Management Fee, will be included in your first payment. International contracts have the option of a annual or semi annual payment for full year students. For partial year students it is a one time payment before student starts. Additional charges may apply for expenses incurred through participation in special events, additional classes, sports or field trips.


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