Middle School Information

Our school understands that the middle school years are one of the most critical stages in a young person’s emotional and social development. That’s why, along with helping students pursue excellence in their academic course work and spiritual development, we also create an environment where middle school students can grow and thrive in a supportive and cooperative social environment.

Middle school academics includes high school preparatory coursework in English, Mathematics, Social Studies and Science. Middle school students have an opportunity to take high school level classes, giving them an academic advantage, and work on team projects in the classroom. Physical activity is important and different types of sports are introduced to middle school students in both in P.E. classes and interscholastic team athletics.

Students are offered a variety of elective classes. They participate in weekly small group devotional classes and have an opportunity to take part in out of town events for outdoor school and the Washington D.C. trip.

Paramount for every student at MCA is spiritual development. At every level, prayer, devotions, chapel services, scripture memorization, and Bible are incorporated into good conduct and scholastic achievement.

Mannahouse Christian Academy Middle School

Success in today’s world and marketplace requires increased proficiency with the digital world. That’s why throughout all grade levels, we make technology a regular part of the academic curriculum. 

All students in 6th-12th grades have access to Google Education Suite web based applications. This allows them to learn in a collaborative work environment where they can be creative and share their ideas.


As technology advances and new discoveries are made virtually every day, we believe it is imperative that every one of our students graduates knowing the most up-to-date information from the many different fields of science. We believe it is equally important that they have experience using modern, state-of-the-art equipment.

That’s why Mannahouse Christian Academy is furnished with a well equipped science and physics lab. As the sciences continue to move forward, it is vital that we as an educational institution continue upgrading our science department and science lab with state-of-theart equipment and materials so that students can perform hands-on experiments. Our science lab is an indispensable asset to our students’ science education, allowing biology students to do dissections, chemistry students to perform chemical reactions, and physics students to study mass and force with applied observation.

CHOIR This course provides a variety of singing opportunities for students. Vocal techniques and music reading are emphasized, and students are given the opportunity to explore various musical sources and styles. Students should also be expected to perform for various audiences throughout the school year.

PAM This class equips students to grow in their leadership through spiritual growth as well as develop practical worship leading skills. Students in this class participate in Chapel services where worship is student-led.

ATHLETICS is an important part of the Mannahouse Christian Academy experience. We believe organized athletics can offer students a unique opportunity to develop essential life skills such as teamwork, sportsmanship, discipline, respect for rules and authority, dealing with both success and disappointment, and the proper role of competition, all in a fun, controlled and encouraging environment. MCA is a member of the OSAA and participates against both private and public schools at the 2A level. We offer soccer, cross country, and girls volleyball in the fall, basketball and cheer in the winter, and track in the spring. Our coaching staff places athlete safety and character development foremost among the skills to be taught and displayed in athletic competition. Additionally, coaches provide well organized practices, which focus on fundamentals, and camps for those desiring additional skill development. As a result, MCA teams have earned the prestigious Sportsmanship Award on many occasions and have enjoyed success at both the district and statewide levels.


All middle school students participate in physical education. Students are exposed to both health and fitness theory and a broad cross-section of sport and fitness activities. Our goal is to lay a foundation where students make physical health, strength, and activity a part of their adult lifestyle. 

The Academic Counselor will connect with students to share elective options prior to finalizing schedules.

At Mannahouse Christian Academy we value experience based learning, therefore all middle school students get an opportunity to participate in a superior outdoor school program.

Middle school students get an opportunity to participate in an adventure they won’t forget, leaving Portland for ten days arriving in Washington DC and surrounding areas of national and historic interest. Funds are raised by the students and their families. Students return with a much greater appreciation of American history. The trip often includes a visit to Arlington National Cemetery, an Amish farm in Pennsylvania, Colonial Williamsburg and Fort McHenry. Stops might include national monuments such as the Lincoln Memorial and Washington Monument, the Smithsonian, Independence Hall, Gettysburg and the Naval Academy at Annapolis.


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