Our Assurance to You

Our Mission at Mannahouse Christian Academy is to deliver academic excellence and develop healthy spiritual lives. Out framework for this assurance is defined by four foundation components; spiritual development, classroom enrichment, professionalism and instruction. We look forward to partnering with you to extend our vision of “Producing godly citizens that will be a transforming influence in the world.”


Mannahouse Christian Academy teacher’s cultivate healthy spiritual lives by setting time aside each day to receive and respond appropriately to the Holy Spirit. MCA teacher’s exhibit an awareness and sensitivity to the diversity of beliefs, values, and backgrounds; thus creating a school culture of respect and inclusion without compromising biblical truth. We strive to live like Jesus and share His love with all people. MCA teachers aim to integrate God’s word into all curricular areas, providing a Biblical perspective that is clear and easy to understand. MCA teachers take an active role in partnering with families in the spiritual development of their children.


In the classrooms of Mannahouse Christian Academy teachers, all students are highly engaged in learning. MCA students make significant contributions to the success of the class through participation in high-level discussions and active involvement in their learning and the learning of others. MCA teacher explanations are clear and invite student intellectual engagement. The teacher’s feedback is specific to learning goals and rubrics and offers concrete suggestions for improvement. As a result, MCA students understand their progress in learning the content, they can explain the course learning goals, and what they need to do in order to improve. MCA teachers recognize their responsibility for student learning and make adjustments, as needed, to ensure student success.

Classroom Environment

Mannahouse Christian Academy teachers organize their classrooms so that all students can learn. They maximize instructional time and foster respectful interactions with and among students, ensuring that students find the classroom a safe place to take intellectual risks. MCA students make a substantive contribution to the effective functioning of the class by assisting with classroom procedures, ensuring effective use of physical space, and supporting the learning of classmates. MCA students and teachers work in ways that demonstrate their belief that hard work will result in higher levels of learning. MCA student behavior is consistently appropriate, and the MCA teacher’s handling of infractions is subtle, preventive, and respectful of students’ dignity.


Mannahouse Christian Academy teachers have high ethical standards and a deep sense of professionalism, focused on improving their own teaching and supporting the ongoing learning of colleagues. Their record-keeping systems are efficient and effective, and they communicate with families clearly, frequently, and with cultural sensitivity. Teachers plan and prepare for lessons using their extensive knowledge of the content area, the relationships between the subject and other disciplines, and their students’ prior understanding of the subject. They have clear instructional outcomes that represent important learning in the subject, and are aligned to the curriculum. The instructional design includes learning activities that are well sequenced and require students to think, problem solve, inquire, and defend opinions. Teachers design formative assessments to monitor learning, and they provide the information needed to differentiate instruction.


To learn more about Mannahouse Christian Academy or schedule a tour please email bfaria@mannahouseacademy.com.

MCA Campus Locations



14313 Mill Plain Boulevard, Vancouver, WA 98683


Kindergarten - 6th
811 NE 112th Ave., Vancouver, WA 98684
*Bus service to Portland campus for 7th - 12th grades


Preschool, Elementary, Middle / High School
9200 NE Fremont, Portland, OR 97220