Spirit Gear

Get Your Spirit Gear ON!

All Spirit Gear sweatshirts and t-shirts are approved for uniform use. Choose any style you like! Kinder-8th Graders must own a school sweatshirt, as this is the only approved indoor outerwear to wear to school.

Please Note: Not all styles or sizes may be available. Some styles may have limited quantities due to being discontinued. Alternate sweatshirts are accepted for students waiting on their order to process. 

** MCA does not sell uniform polos, pants/shorts, or skirts/dresses- only uniform sweatshirts/t-shirts (known as Spirit Gear). Stores like Target, Amazon, or Old Navy often carry approved uniform clothing.

Refund Policy Terms & Conditions: Only clothing items that are resellable can be exchanged. No exchanges if item is damaged or looks like it has been worn or washed. MCA does not have the ability to issue refunds for items purchased online. **You will be asked to accept these terms upon checkout.

All items ordered will be delivered to students in class once the order is ready. Most orders will be processed within a week. No orders will be picked up in the school office.