mca soccer

The mission for Mannahouse Christian Academy’s Athletic Department is to have all students realize their physical gifting as it relates to sports in competition. This will also help push students past their personal limitations, while gaining confidence through perseverance. More importantly, the goal of the athletic department is that everything that is done be honoring and glorifying to God.

Our Coaches

Mannahouse Christian Academy coaches fully accept the offer to volunteer their time willingly to the betterment of MCA athletic program.

They will uphold and follow through on the following, as a coach of the team:

  • Be reporters of any physical, mental, and emotional abuse.
  • Will not make harmful/egregious physical contact with ANY player with the intent to reprimand or discipline them.
  • Establish no tolerance of any kind of bullying, hazing or team horsing around involving players.
  • Stay in communication with parents regarding all team related events.
  • Will not use any profanity towards officials, players, or parents in any way.
  • Uphold the Godly standards as stated in the Mannahouse Handbook.
  • Treat all players with fairness with the purpose in mind of setting a Godly example.