As a youth, I attended a local Christian elementary school which closed the end of my 7th grade year due to lack of support from the local churches in the area that had been responsible for its covering and vision. Therefore, I spent my 8th-12th grade years in a public school.

I credit much of my foundational Christian principles to the years spent in Christian school and have fond memories of that experience. My siblings all went there and my family was always involved in the school activities. The school was like an extended family. Unfortunately, my local church had no vision for the school and was in a large part responsible for its demise. I believe that the church ultimately suffered because all of the young people (myself included) left the church, and many also left the Lord (myself included).

I was first introduced to Temple Christian (now Mannahouse Church) by my brother Bill who was an Elder at Bible Temple and had all of his 3 children in the school. My parents were still committed to Christian education and helped financially, as they were able, to make sure all of their grandchildren were given the opportunity to go to a Christian School.

My wife, Becky, and I got saved and started attending CBC (then Bible Temple) in 1980. When our 3 kids were old enough, there was never a question as to where they would attend school, Mannahouse Christian Acaedmey (formerly City Christian Schools).

Having seen first hand how the lack of financial support can doom a Christian school, my wife and I were determined that we would do all we could to help sustain the school.

Although we no longer have children in the school, our heart for Christian education has not changed. We are committed to help financially. Being able to serve on the board and contribute in that capacity, as well as financially, has been a great facility for us.

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